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Комментарий к статье в Times "Неудивительно, что им нравится Путин". На сайте комментарий редакцией опубликован не был. Оригинал статьи здесь, перевод здесь.

Оригинал комментария:

An excellent article! I think comparisons of Putin and Hitler, Putin and Stalin are completely flawed. Usually those who do this present no argument other than wide public support for both. But the same is true for De Gaulle and Roosevelt. The difference between Putin and Hitler, Putin and Stalin is how they approach value of human life. No matter what Western papers say, Putin respects human life a lot. If you only read what he says or follow what he does, you will see this. Assertions of him thinking otherwise usually remain unaccompanied with any real argument. Besides, I wonder how English-speaking community actually dares to compare Putin to Hitler after what Bush has done to Iraq and Clinton to Yugoslavia.
Alexey, Lappeenranta, Finland/Russia

Перевод на русский:

Замечательная статья! Я думаю, сравнения Путина и Гитлера, Путина и Сталина совершенно неправильны. Обычно те, кто это делает, не предлагают других аргументов, кроме того, что и тот, и другой пользовались широкой общественной поддержкой. Но то же самое верно и для Де Голля, и для Рузвельта. Различие между Путиным и Гитлером, Путиным и Сталиным заключается в том, как они относятся к ценности человеческой жизни. Что бы ни говорили западные газеты, Путин очень уважает человеческую жизнь. Если вы только читаете, что он говорит, или следуете за тем, что он делает, вы это увидите. Утверждения, что он думает наоборот, обычно не подкрепляются какой-либо реальной аргументацией. Кроме того, я удивляюсь, как англоязычное сообщество вообще осмеливается сравнивать Путина с Гитлером после того, что Буш сделал с Ираком, а Клинтон - с Югославией.
Алексей, Лаппеенранта, Финляндия/Россия

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(Posted to [1], перевод: [2]) (The Guardian, "Putin's playground")

Hey guys!
You know what, it seems that Russians themselves actually admire writings by Edward Lucas. :lol: But maybe in a bit unexpected way. :-)))
Here is a Russians' discussion thread for the Russian translation of the above article:
Here are some highlights of the discussion, contributions made exclusively by Russians themselves:
"What's wrong with the guy! They must have hurt him badly during the videoconference. I wonder if he knows the saying: 'No fist-waving after a fight'".
"The West has been fighting for 70 years with bad communism in Russia, they just managed to set up a decoration "For Cold-war Victory", and now it seems they have to start it over again! This time with bad capitalism."
"The author is cool!... he managed to extract the essence, that is, those Western values and social benefits that were created to counterbalance communism cannot stand against pragmatic capitalism. Gentlemen, you need 'perestroika'."
(Comment on "An ugly face of capitalism") "Marvellous! 'The Economist' is now engaged into plagiarism from Marxists!"
(Comment on "The rough political pluralism of the 1990s had flaws, but it has given way to something far worse") "Have you been here in 90-s to make this kind of judgement? This was good for you, to take away all what was lying badly. Now 'halyava' is over, get capitalism in full."
"The only thought that Lucas could not disguise in his article is the following: 'Russia tries to make everyone dependent on it, while we are trying to make Russia dependent on us'."
"Lucas! You'd rather write a "Star Wars" continuation."
"An ugly face of capitalism"... "The ex-spooks and their business cronies"... "Сounterweights to the ruthless and narrow pursuit of private profit"... hey listen, am I reading "The Guardian" or Soviet-era "Pravda"? :-)))
(Comment on: "Civil society has been neutered. Any body receiving western funding attracts official displeasure.") "So it seems that civil society means funding from abroad... I suspected that... but here it is put so frankly."
"I have long since suspected that all phrasing comes from the [communist] party schooling."
"I advice the author to go ahead with his writing, the mere article title [made me laugh so much that I was] lying under [my] table for 15 minutes."
Sorry if you see some poor translation, the language is rich and it is difficult to translate all well.


Комментарий в Helsingin Sanomat, обсуждение возобновления полетов российской дальней авиации.

Оригинал комментария:

Sir, may I reply in English as a speak Finnish rather poorly. I am a native Russian and I am not exactly sure whether use of the "ryssä" word is a punishable offense in your land. No matter whether it is or not, editorials of HS are at times not much better than your comments.
I'd probably like to concentrate on another matter this time. Believe it or not, but Russians follow Western media and other people comments like in this thread rather closely. We even have a special web-site for this which is well-known in the Russian Internet community and which provides translation of everything what the West has to say about us, including this kind of comments. Imagine how much patience we need to have when we read this kind of comments from you and people like you for years. For years, I mean it. And I mean here ordinary Russians, not guys from KGB or FSB. I hope that imagining your kind of comments having been translated into Russian and presented to the Russian general audience on a regular basis would also explain you why we are so skeptic towards the West and why the whole nation is so much unified around Putin these days. Did it come to your mind that you bear your own share?
Imagine also how much temptation for maintaining peace in the world we still have that our biggest reaction so far was picketing Estonian consulate in Moscow after all this "paskat" we hear from the West. And we have no intent of reacting more. No matter what you say. You can call us "ryssä" in your comments 1000 times or as many times as you like. And Estonian PM may call our soldiers buried in Tallinn "marauders and drunked people" with your media and some politicians applauding. And HS might be laughing at guys dead in the "Kursk" submarine and talking about orgastic feelings they had about 3G auctions at a time as much as they like.
We have good nerves and a sense of our share of responsibility for things happening. So we will not overreact. Although it is difficult to tell what "overreaction" could exactly mean in the cases above. But what I can tell as a Russian is that this is definitely not the world God intended to be and that this whole thing is going to change, rather sooner than later, you like it or not.
During the 90-s we Russians learned the lesson: you either fear us when we are wealthy and strong, or you laugh at us and despise us when we are poor and weak. Now which one do you think we would pick: when we are wealthy and strong or when we are poor and weak? It is indeed a bit sad to see that what the modern history and 90-s has taught us as a nation is that the only language certain nations would understand is the language of force and not the language of peace. And I think we Russians learned this lesson far too well.
A conclusion to all this: we Russians (a) welcome renewal of our heavy bomber flights; (b) we do not threaten anybody with these flights; (c) we would actually appreciate a bit of respect from you, not because of the heavy bombers, but, you know, some human respect. And we don't say anything like "respect us or else". We don't ask you to be our friends either. I think we don't even need or seek your friendship. Do you actually think that we can consider someone laughing at our buried soldiers, should it be in the land or underwater, to be our friend. Not my generation, at least.


Комментарий в Guardian в ответ на эту статью.

Sir, what kind of genuine democratic choice you are talking about? Did you mean the guys from Alternative Russia who blocked Nevsky prospect in St. Petersburg last week guided by Kasyanov and Kasparov, much to the disturbance of all the local drivers? We Russians don't want them. How it is possible that you decide instead of us what and whom we really want??? This is democracy exports, not democracy itself. What these guys will do they will sell all our oil companies to the US investors, invite NATO into our home land and invite foreign advisors to rule our country. We have seen it all far too well in the 90-s. They are traitors, not democratic opposition. We do not want invasion of American advisors in our country we observed during 90-s anymore. We want to govern our own country by ourselves. Russian people are at least as intelligent as you are, so it would be polite if you show more respect for their truly democratic choice.


Комментарий в Washingtonpost в ответ на эту статью о Марше несогласных, прошедшем накануне в Петербурге.

Masha, the amount of factual distortions in the article is astonishing. Even Soviet papers did not do that. Let's go through the list together:
1) there was no high turnout. There are 140 million people living in Russia, 5 million in St. Pete alone, and 3 thousand protesters is an almost unnoticeable figure by Russian scales. US authorities probably need more funding for organizing larger scale shows like this one next time. I happened to be in the city when the protests were held and I was pretty much distrurbed that the guys blocked Nevsky prospect - and so were all other local drivers for sure. This is the MAJORITY view of the locals concerning the events. Do you respect what Russians themselves have to say about what is happening in their own land?
2) there was almost no public reaction in the city to the events. Drivers were probably affected most. I would be the first one to vote against having this kind of thing happen again. You may present whichever views you want in Russia these days, but please, do not make it by blocking the largest street of the second largest city. Respect other people's time and privacy. This would be true democracy in action.
3) no one was beaten. I mean it - NO ONE. What 100 people beaten or taken by the local police you are talking about? Where did you get them? At the tip of your pen? But I understand, you need martyrs. It is confusing to admit that there were none.

28.2.2007 (1)

Комментарий в Newsweek/Washingtonpost в ответ на эту статью.

It is really sad that all these political affairs distract us from things truly important. People all over the world are pretty much the same when it comes to personal terms, no matter whether they are Russians, Americans or Iraqis. Would you consider killing your brother tomorrow simply because he lives in Arkanzas, not in Florida like you do, and you don't like their governor or you consider he has some WMD under his pillow?
Russia must, Russia should... Russia has changed, it is not listening to outsiders anymore. Russia knows what it is doing and it is on its way. No way you can beat it. So Putin was offering you to join instead.
No recommendations may exist for NATO either. This is a military alliance, and it is destined to expand. This is the sole definition of NATO. So be it. NATO can do whatever it wants and as it pleases. We in Russia no longer expect NATO would give it a try to listen to what we think and to consider things we are concerned about. We have come up with better ideas what to do this time.
But we have a saying that the strength of God is the truth behind him, not his power. If you lie once, you are on your knees already, no matter how powerful you are and how big your military budget is. This is a simple truth to learn. And this is what we are trying to tell you all the time recently. All these broken non-expansion promises and other hypocritical dream making. We don't trust you anymore - also on this particular occasion when you say your newly-planned NMD bases in Poland and Czech Republic are not agaist Russia. They are against us, this is what we think and this is what we learned. It would be no problem for us if you openly admit this fact. It would not make any surprises for us. This would not spoil our relations, because there are simply no relations. Only some business talk to consider, a pragmatic one. It fact, you can say whatever you want and on any subject you like and we would not trust a single word out of it. Should it be Litvinenko or any other bluff. Should it be Iran, Iraq or North Korea. There is simply no reliable negotiating partner to talk to on the other side of the table. This is what happened to the Soviet Union, this is what is happening to the US these days.
But American people deserve as much sympathy as Russians do - also including their homeless war vets (we in Russia had similar problem after Afghan in 80s and 90s). We all are brothers, even if our governments and media are not.

28.2.2007 (2)

Комментарий в Newsweek/Washingtonpost в ответ на комментарии к этой статье.

Mr. Drost, your comment was one of the most interesting ones to read in this thread. You make good points in things that you say. You make your comments from your own standpoint however. I would expect that you would recognize that we Russians have a right to have our own standpoint as well, and this might be different from what you think.
To start with. Why do you think Russians are unhappy with strong presidential power in their homeland. They welcome it, rather sincerely and wholeheartedly. And because this is their land, not yours, you have no say in determining how they make up their living out there. What you call an authoritarian rule is a good tzar-father for them, the envoy of God, the one they have been seeking so desperately for so long time and whom they found finally.
I would denounce your critics if you say that looking for a king is childish. Sorry, I would say we have the right to see things differently. Especially when it concerns our own land. And we are as much human beings as you are. You probably do not understand how deeply this faith in a good king is rooted in our national psychology, history and self-identification. Besides, from what we see it is the Western model of democracy that is irresponsible and brainwashing, not ours.
Why do you think we want to taste democracy Western style at all? Do you have some cooked up recipes for us? For us it sounds much like communist revolutions exports that the Soviet Union was constantly doing during 30s and 50s. And to us practical implications of exports of democracy mean all the poverty and oligarch rule we have observed during 90s. Thank you, not anymore. This is what Putin might have meant we he said that those guys who keep on teaching us democracy don't want to study the subject diligently themselves.
When you say there is something to swallow for Mr. Putin and his friends, you also mean 80% of Russian population (this is Putin's support figure in 2006). This counts for more than 100 million people. How many people live in Netherlands, for that matter? You also mean me and people like me. I am a critical thinker, too, and possess two university degrees. And this is definitely not the tone I would expect from a conversational partner, especially with undisclosed educational background.
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